Locomotive Exhaust Silencers

Most diesel-electric locomotives will require engine exhaust silencers to meet Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) wayside noise or other applicable noise regulations.

Dürr Universal Locomotive Products

Dürr Universal designs and manufactures a complete line of exhaust system products for the Rail Industry. Designing products that can withstand the harsh environment locomotives endure often require design validation using advanced analysis techniques. These include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for back pressure and thermal analysis as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for modal analysis, shock, vibration and thermal stress. Acoustical software enables Dürr Universal to reduce cost while providing effective solutions for the most challenging locomotive exhaust applications.

Dürr Universal provides OEM exhaust silencers and components for many of the locomotive manufacturers worldwide. Our products can be found on both freight and passenger locomotives providing performance to meet ever-changing emission, acoustic and engine requirements. Please contact Dürr Universal, your trusted experts in acoustic solutions, for all your locomotive needs: engine manifolds, exhaust silencers, exhaust system support frames, exhaust transitions and ducting, expansion joints, custom machining and more!