panel filters

Panel Filters

Dürr Universal offers a wide range of air filter panels for use on gas turbines, diesel engines, compressors and blowers.

Application areas Panel Filters

Dürr Universal offers a line of Intake Air Filters using a variety of 20” X 25” X 2” Panel Style filter elements. Both Filters, and Filter Silencers are available. Based on the application, the Filters are available with selected media types based on efficiency and dirt holding capacity. The “FH”, and “FSH” Series filters and filter silencers are ideal when applied to centrifugal blowers, engines, and Gas Turbines. For Reciprocating Compressors, please contact Dürr Universal for application recommendations. Dürr Universal offers a variety of replacement panel Style Filter Elements for application to the FH, and FSH Style Filters. Panel filters are available with pleated cellulose media, Felted Synthetic Polyester media, or Crimped Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh. Additional Panel sizes are available. Please Contact Dürr Universal for more information.