Engine Exhaust Silencer

Engine Exhaust Silencers

Dürr Universal's exhaust silencers provide excellent performance for all types of reciprocating engine applications.

Silencers for Engine Exhaust Applications

Dürr Universal provides engine exhaust silencers for diesel and natural gas engines for a wide variety of applications. These include power generation, gas compression, engine test cells, marine (propulsion and generators) and locomotive applications. Silencers are available with acoustic performance ranging from Industrial to Ultra-Quiet attenuation grades. Dürr Universal's engine exhaust silencers are offered in a variety of styles and configurations, including cylindrical, puck, oval configurations. Engine exhaust silencers can also be designed to include emission reduction, spark arresting or pressure-relief capabilities. A full line of engine exhaust accessories is also available including; insulation blankets, expansion joints, exhaust piping/connectors, rain caps and support brackets. Our customers trust Dürr Universal to provide standard and custom-designed engine exhaust silencers that provide solutions for the most critical acoustic performance requirements. Please contact Dürr Universal for all your engine exhaust silencer needs.