Oxidation Catalyst Systems

Dürr Universal offers customized and fully engineered oxidation catalyst systems/SCR systems for diesel and natural gas systems to achieve the specified NOx reductions. The systems include all components necessary for a complete SCR system. If O2 is of concern we offer integrated O2 catalyst systems as well.

Oxidation Catalyst Systems at a glance

Dürr Universal has extensive technical experience helping OEM and end-use customers meet the increasing local and global emission requirements for carbon monoxide (CO), and unburned hydrocarbons (HC).

Dürr Universal offers turnkey engineered emission solutions for standby and prime power generation, gas compression and pumping applications with gas turbine and diesel and gas reciprocating engines using the following after treatment technologies:

  • Oxidation Catalysts
  • 3-Way Catalysts
  • Combination Silencer and Emission Control