ASME code silencer/pressure vessel

Pressure Vessels

Dürr Universal has a long history providing pressure vessels for a wide range of industrial, oil and gas, and power generation applications.

ASME Code Silencer and Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Capabilities

Code Silencers

Dürr Universal has more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing ASME Code pressure vessels and ASME Code silencers used in the most demanding applications.


  • Pressure Vessel Design Calculations
  • Certified Vessel Material
  • 2:1 Elliptical of High-Crown Heads
  • Forced Flanges
  • Inspection Openings are Required
  • Qualified Welders and Procedures
  • Traveler Form
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Data Report
  • Third-Party Authorized Inspection


  • Assures Adequate Material Thickness
  • Assures Correct Material Properties
  • Better Head Stress Distribution
  • Improved Flange Strength and Durability
  • Monitors Vessel Condition
  • Consistent Welding Results
  • Material and Welder Traceability
  • Validates Vessel is Leak-Free
  • Documents Materials and Construction
  • Independent and Experienced
Certified Pressure Vessels - 2 units
Certified Pressure Vessels - 3 medium units - legs
Certified Pressure Vessel - large unit shipping
Certified Pressure Vessel - large unit shipping

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