cartridge filters

Small Cartridge Filters

We offer three types of elements for cartridge filters and filter/silencers.

Specifications Small Cartridge Filters

Dürr Universal offers a line of Intake Air Filters with round cartridge style filter elements. The Dürr Universal Series of cartridge filters and Filter Silencers offer high performance filtration and silencing in a convenient economical configuration. Filters are available inlet sizes ranging from ½” through 16”, accommodating air flows of 15 to 7,700 cfm. The CS, and CCS Series Filters include a Silencer Section, The CF, and CCF Series filters do not include a silencer section. CCS, and CCF Series Filters are available with a weather-hood, CS and CF Series Filters have top sealing plates. These Filters, and Filter Silencers are ideal when applied to centrifugal blowers, and engines. Three types of filter elements are available; pleated cellulose media, pleated felt media or wire mesh media.

  • The pleated paper element provides the highest efficiency, while the pleated felt and wire mesh are suitable for applications that are less demanding.
  • The paper element is oven-cured during production, and has plastisol end caps and molded sealing beads. The felt element has durable polyester felt media with the same molded sealing beads and plastisol end caps as the paper element filter.
  • The wire mesh element is treated with an oil-free adhesive and is recommended for “rough” filtration only. These filters can be cleaned and reused. Larger filter sizes have metal end caps instead of the oven-cured plastisol.