Combustion Turbine Inlet Systems and Filter Houses

Combustion turbine filtration systems clean inlet air for power generators in both onshore and offshore applications around the world. Dürr Universal sets an uncompromising quality standard for gas turbine inlet filter house systems.

Dürr Universal can provide pre-engineered combustion turbine filter houses or custom engineered air intake systems. All aspects of gas turbine filter house, inlet silencers and inlet ducting component manufactured to our rigid ISO standards. Our installation service team completes your combustion turbine inlet system project safely and on schedule.

Inlet Silencer Components

  • Pulse filtration for gas turbine inlet systems
  • Barrier filtration for gas turbine inlet systems
  • Anti-icing for combustion turbine inlet systems
  • Gas turbine inlet evaporative cooling systems
  • Transitions
  • Weather hoods
  • Lined and unlined ductwork
  • Enclosures
  • Structural/support steel

Substantial global sourcing and supply chain resources enable Dürr Universal to ensure not only component quality, but that of the entire project. Dürr Universal is your single source for gas turbine inlet repairs and replacement. From site survey to commissioning, we have the experience and expertise to simplify your complex project. Gas turbine air intake and gas turbine inlet silencer systems are vital components, which are designed to protect gas turbines and reduce external noise. Equipment of this importance requires the right dedicated support. Dürr Universal has years of successful experience and a highly qualified global support team working for you to fulfill all of your gas turbine requirements.

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