Vent Silencer

Vent Silencer

Vent silencers are used in conjunction with systems that utilize a pressure relief valves. When gas is released to atmosphere, it can create excessive noise that can be objectionable to surrounding areas.

Application areas Vent Silencers

Typical applications for vent silencers include power plants, oil and gas, industrial, chemical processing, heat recovery systems and steam boilers. Dürr Universal’s vent silencers are used around the world in many applications. Dürr Universal has particular expertise as a supplier of steam vent silencers for industrial applications and blowdown silencers for gas compression stations.

HV Series vent silencers effectively silence high-velocity air, steam and gas vents, and blowdowns to atmospheres in which sonic or critical conditions exist in the valve. Typical pressure relief applications include steam boiler, super-heat headers, boiler startup and high-pressure purge air vents, natural gas blowdown, switch valves, compressor blow-offs, autoclaves and steam ejectors.