Gas Turbine System Replacement

Dürr Universal Designs, and manufactures Complete Intake and Exhaust Systems for Gas Turbine applications.

Gas Turbine System Replacement at a glance

These systems are quite complex, involving many components including Exhaust Liners, Flow Diffusers, Insulated Ducting for both Sound attenuation and Temperature Control, Exhaust Stacks, Inlet Plenum and Ducting, and System Support Ladders Platforms and Doors. Dürr Universal provides Systems for initial builds, and also for retrofit applications. Gas Turbine Systems will wear out after years of operation whereas individual components will require repair or replacement. Dürr Universal provides services that will assess the current system and provide recommendations for the repair, or replacement based on the condition of the system. If you have a Gas Turbine System that requires updating feel free to contact us.  We provide total “Turn Key” solutions including design analysis, demolition, and replacement.