Sound Abatement Baffles

Sound Abatement Baffles

It’s vital to replace old, failing, and dangerous exhaust baffles because they can damage equipment. High-quality baffles from Dürr Universal.

Advanced Combustion Turbine Noise Reduction Baffles

Gas turbine exhaust systems create challenging conditions for noise reductions as the demand for quiet gas turbine power plant operations grows especially in high population areas. This changing noise reduction landscape makes a gas turbine noise reduction strategy vital. Combustion turbine noise is generated on the inlet and exhaust systems creating a need for a complete system noise reduction plan. Years of gas turbine operation takes its toll on exhaust systems creating safety concerns, reduced combustion turbine efficiency and loss of noise reduction. It is vital to inspect and replace old, failing, and dangerous exhaust baffles before they create a safety problem or damage equipment. Dürr Universal has a uniquely designed long lasting baffles for your combustion turbine exhaust system.

Sound Abatement Baffles at a glance

Gas turbine noise reduction baffles from Dürr Universal deliver improved overall performance and outlast the competition due to their advanced design. Our gas turbine baffles incorporate a captured perforation sheet seem which prevents flow-reduced liner failure. The leading edge of the perforation sheet is not exposed to the turbulent gas flow, which improves performance and greatly extends our gas turbine baffle life. Dürr Universal conducts a complete analysis of your gas turbine exhaust system needs. We will then design, engineer, manufacture, install your gas turbine exhaust project on time.