Support Steel for Combustion Turbine Exhaust and Inlet Systems

Combustion turbines are durable and flexible; however, gas turbine upgrades like taller stacks or larger filter houses will require new structural needs. These new applications may create challenges for the inlet and exhaust system design. This is where Dürr Universal can help. Our team of gas turbine structural engineers will assess current design and create a solution to accommodate your new requirements.

Meet All Gas Turbine Noise Requirements

Gas turbine plant locations that were originally built in isolated areas are now in or near neighborhoods, requiring greater focus on acoustic performance, and therefore gas turbine inlet and exhaust systems must provide a higher level of acoustic performance and low restriction to flow. Often, modifications of these systems to meet local noise requirements may require structural changes. Dürr Universal has structural engineers on staff to review requirements, design approach and analysis process for development of an optimal gas turbine exhaust silencer baffle system for a wide range of loading conditions including, aero-acoustical, internal pressure and flow velocity, thermal, environmental (seismic), flow induced vibration, and fatigue – design life analysis. We also design and provide platforms, ladders, supports and access doors.