Absorptive Silencer

Absorptive Silencers

Absorptive silencers use sound-absorptive media to provide effective attenuation on high-noise frequencies (500-8,000 Hz). Absorptive silencers are ideal for industrial fan inlet and discharge, inlet and discharge of high-speed, low pressure centrifugal compressors and blowers, gas turbine inlets, dry vacuum pump discharge, low-pressure vents, turbocharged reciprocating engine inlets, high-pressure centrifugal compressor inlets, high-frequency noise sources, air valves and cylinders and axial compressors.

Construction Absorptive Silencers

Since noise is absorbed by the media, absorptive silencers do not rely on internal baffles, tubes or other restrictive devices to achieve noise reduction. Consequently, absorptive silencers generally employ a “straight-through” or similar internal designs that cause minimal air-flow restriction.

Absorptive silencer models

  • U2 Series
  • SU3 Series
  • SU4 Series
  • U5 Series
  • SU5 Series