Blower Silencer

Blower Silencer

Rotary positive displacement blower silencers are required in many applications across a wide variety of industries, such as industrial processing, wastewater treatment, chemical, dairy, cement & lime, process gas, soil remediation, milling & baking, dry bulk hauling, power generation, pulp & paper, oil & gas and aquaculture.

Silencers for blower applications

Dürr Universal designs and manufactures absorptive (dissipative-type), multi-chamber (reactive-type) and combination (reactive/dissipative type) blower silencers to meet the specific noise requirements for each application. Custom configurations and accessories can be added to any model depending on your project needs. Dürr Universal rotary positive displacement blower silencers are regularly applied to both the intake and discharge sides of the blower. With a resume that includes hundreds of thousands of blower silencers sold to date, Dürr Universal is an industry expert in meeting your blower silencing needs. Dürr Universal keeps many of the standard catalog silencers in stock. Please contact your Dürr Universal representative for availability.


Rotary positive displacement blower models


  • UCI
  • RIS


  • UCD
  • SD
  • RD

Both Inlet/Outlet

  • SURS