Fan Silencer

Fan Silencers

Primary air fans, forced draft fans and induced draft fans generally will require some form of acoustical treatment of source noise.

Fan Silencers at a glance

Dürr Universal provides state of the art noise abatement solutions for industrial fan applications. Through Engineering design analysis, Dürr Universal can custom design silencers to meet demanding sound reduction requirements while maintaining optimum design performance. Dürr Universal fan silencers can be found on both stationary and mobile applications. If you have a need for fan silencing, feel free to contact us.

Application areas Fan Silencers

Most applications will require inlet, and/or outlet silencers to meet OSHA and other noise requirements. Dürr Universal designs and manufactures a complete line of silencers for application to all fan types. Computer enhanced analysis tools developed for fan, turbine, and other air moving equipment, enables Dürr Universal to reduce cost while providing effective solutions for the most challenging of fan silencing applications.