gas turbine exhaust stack

Gas Turbine Inlet / Exhaust System

A gas turbine is a substantial capital investment. Protection of the turbine begins with air filtration and ends with the exhaust system. However, there is a precious balance between air filtration, noise reduction, emissions treatment and turbine efficiency.

Gas Turbine Inlet / Exhaust Systems at a glance

Our qualified team of engineers and system experts are available to balance your air filtration and acoustic treatment, and achieve optimal turbine performance. Dürr Universal provides all components to make up a complete inlet and/or exhaust system including: sound abatement baffles, exhaust liners, diffusers, insulated ducting, oxidation catalysts, exhaust stacks, support steel (including platforms, ladders, supports and doors). We can engineer/design, manufacture, ship and install systems.

Our solutions capabilities include:

  • In-house engineering and design control optimizes system performance
  • Program management oversight and responsibility gets your project done according to plan
  • Multi-plant manufacturing capacity and capabilities enables us to meet component design specifications, and your expectations
  • Global sourcing and supply chain resources save you time and money
  • Installation services and validation is our assurance your system and its components meet your specific needs day in, day out
  • After-sale support and annual inspection services ensure all system requirements are fulfilled from installation to going online to being operationally compliant.

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