Full Turbine Exhaust Systems

Full Turbine Exhaust Systems

In addition to providing first fit/OEM components and systems for Gas Turbine applications, Dürr Universal is an Industry leader in the Repair, refurbishment, or total replacement of aging Turbine Systems. Dürr Universal has a team of Technical Design Experts, which will perform on Site inspections to determine the best options to restore your Gas Turbine System back to optimal performance.

Exhaust silencer Components

  • Diverter dampers
  • Structural/support steel
  • Emissions packages
  • Bypass and HRSG stacks
  • Platforms/ladders
  • Plenums
  • Expansion joints
  • Oxidation catalysts

Our complete turnkey solutions include engineering the replacement of Sound Abatement Baffles, Exhaust liners, Diffusers Insulated Ducting, Exhaust Stacks, Support Steel (including Platforms Ladders supports and doors). Our team will oversee and coordinate the complete job including Demolition, disposal and installation.

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