Engineered Retrofit Exhaust Systems

Engineered Retrofit Exhaust Systems

Dürr Universal dedicates significant resources to the power generation industry and the treatment of inlet and exhaust air noise for gas turbines.

Engineered Retrofit Exhaust Systems at a glance

Dürr Universal draws from a talented, experienced staff of in-house application, design, and project engineers for a total systems approach, to give you a single source for inlet and exhaust air handling, filtration efficiency, near-field and far-field noise guarantees, and reduced system pressure loss which can improves turbine efficiency.

Whether you are looking to replace a current turbine system or install a new turbine system, Dürr Universal has the expertise to help. The air and exhaust needs for a turbine are quite complex. Those needs are noise reduction, inlet air treatment, minimization of back pressure, management of temperature, optimization of flow, structural integrity, project management, logistics, and emissions treatment. With one eye on customer needs and the other on its global capabilities, Dürr Universal is able to provide cost-effective turbine system design and production.

In addition, we provide engineered plenums, diffuser sections, ducting (insulated and un-insulated) engineered exhaust liners and exhaust stacks.